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About Me

My name is MollieShea Stephens. I have been working as a Massage Therapist since 2006 and this year I  opened my own Massage Therapy office in Creve Coeur; Clover Therapeutic Massage.
My background is in Medical Massage. I spent 9 years as a Chiropractic assistant, working with many competitive athletes and on injury rehabilitation. Dr. Gina Scognamiglio-Reid of Chiropractic Care & Sports Rehab, Inc. was my mentor. She trained me in posture therapy, structural assessment and functional fitness. My credentials include certificates in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Geriatric Massage and Swedish Relaxation techniques.  
Massage therapy can help alleviate pain, reduce stress and decrease anxiety. Therapeutic massage can improve athletic performance, increase range of motion and facilitate the healing process. Regular massage therapy provides an overall sense of wellbeing.  I joined the Creve Coeur Olivette Chamber of Commerce in February.

If expert service and a professional environment are important to you then consider Clover Therapeutic Massage as your source for Massage Therapy.